Outside of those suspicious Facebook statuses from family and friends (you know the ones), April Fools’ Day doesn’t make an impact on many of us. It’s just a day guaranteed to deliver a chuckle or two. One group, however, takes the day very seriously.

Big brands are hardcore about the celebration, especially in the tech industry. From new designs and products to elaborate video and website campaigns, April Fools’ Day is no joke to these businesses. Here are the gags that we loved the most this year.

Copycat Snapchat
Facebook doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to originality. With its approach to new features teetering more on adoption than innovation—most recently copying Snapchat’s stories format for Instagram and now Messenger—Snapchat fired back April 1st with a filter resembling an Instagram post. It speaks for itself.

Netflix Live and Hu

Our attention spans are getting shorter
, and Hulu knows it. The streaming company “announced” its newest venture, Hu, which will feature abridged versions of TV shows, lasting only eight seconds—it’s “Goldfish Approved.”

Netflix, on the other hand, took a long-form approach by creating a 48-minute special featuring Will Arnett narrating the happenings and objects of the Netflix office. Interestingly, both Netflix and Hulu’s gags could be interpreted as a commentary on social media, with the notorious six-second Vine now defunct and live video integration across most every platform.

The Cubs Fake A Game
While not in the tech industry, the Cubs used their large social media following to pull off a simple prank. With the season opener set for the following day, the Cubs ran the script early and tweeted out highlights for a game that wasn’t even happening. The final score was, of course, 29-1. Check out all of the tweets

The Smart Yard is Finally Here
Arguably the most humorous prank of the year, Google rolled out the yard-ready version of Google Home—the Google Gnome.

What was your favorite prank, and do you think April Fools’ Day ads actually work in influencing people’s brand opinions? Let us know!

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