We’re excited to announce the launch of 12 new websites, which we rolled out simultaneously as part of the TNECD County Website Enhancement Program.

We’ll take any opportunity to brag about our home state of Tennessee, especially when we know many of the counties so well, having worked with them for the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development and the Center for Disease Control. So when the Tennessee Economic Development Commission (TNECD) reached out to us to help create their Tennessee County Program, a program which helps 12 of the lesser-known Tennessee counties in corporate recruitment and expansion, we jumped at the chance to share all we know and love about Tennessee. 

On a granular level, we needed to familiarize the team with each county. That meant visiting each county, interviewing government officials, business people and residents, and eating local food.

Resident content queen, Susan Hamilton, said about the trip, “Everyone is jealous of our trip to Sparta and White County, where we started with Darling Billy bread at Foglight Foodhouse on the banks of the Caney Fork River, and ended the day with a pint of J. Henry at Calfkiller Brewing.”

In all seriousness, we’re pretty proud of this project and how these websites will bring economic development and expansion to Tennessee. Check out the websites below. Each county is unique, reminding us yet again why we want businesses to love Tennessee as much as we do.