According to Intechnic, if content is king, then usability is queen. It doesn’t matter if you have fantastic content on your website if users cannot find what they’re looking for. On the blog today, we’ve got five tips for creating a user-friendly website.

Concise, “Scannable” Content

Most people tend to skim web content rather than read it word for word, so it’s important to make sure your web content is “scannable.” Do this by keeping paragraphs short, breaking information up with headers/images and keeping the language simple. As a rule of thumb, keep the writing on your website at a 5th-grade reading level.


If your page takes four seconds to load, 25 percent of users will abandon the page. That number jumps to nearly 50 percent at the 10 second mark. Why is that? Well, simply put, people are impatient. To speed up your website, make sure your images aren’t oversized, and the site is free of flash players and excess coding. Test your website’s usability with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

Good Design

Contrasting colors, good use of white space and a clear font are all things to consider when designing your website. Looks count when it comes to website design; users are likely to leave your website if it appears to be straight out of 1999. It’s also important that your website is intuitive so users don’t become frustrated. That brings us to the next tip...

Logical Navigation

The key to organizing large amounts of information is simplicity, and, to do that, you need a good navigation. Every page on your site should be within two clicks from the homepage, and the best way to make this happen is with a simple navigation. Aside from strategic placement on all pages, your navigation should include all main pages, follow your sitemap and include a search bar.

Pro tip: Help users navigate your site, and find the information they’re looking, for by linking to relevant pages within your site as well as external resources. Plus, it is good for your SEO ranking.

Mobile Optimization

Just do it. It’s almost 2017.

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