Dr. Suess said it best, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” Here are some recent reads a few of our team members found inspiring in the month of November. 

Kristen Halverson, Content Specialist

In his book “Topsight: A Guide to Studying, Diagnosing, and Fixing Information Flow in Organizations,” Clay Spinuzzi explains why you should research your own organization, how to get others on board and how to execute the study. “Complex organizations develop complex problems, problems that might involve values, interpretations, culture clashes, roles, rules, confusing tools, and even unspoken habits ... (that) are often undefined.” Achieving topsight into your organization will give you a unique vantage point and help you find the source of problems.

Krista Gilbert, Project Management Intern

Currently, I’m reading “The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer, a book about how to live confidently in everything you do. Since I’m about to graduate college and start working full-time, I can’t help feeling a little intimidated by all of the new responsibilities and changes about to take place. This book has reminded me to be confident in all that I do, something I’d recommend it to all women in whatever stage of life they are in.

Susan Hamilton, Content Developer, Editor

Telex From Cuba” by Rachel Kushner caught my eye because I once knew a man who was swept up in the Cuban Revolution when he was just a teenager (Shot in a skirmish! Hidden in a cave! Smuggled out by a CIA agent! No, really.). This layered novel, set among an oddball community of expat Americans, is a reminder to pay more attention, to be more sensitive to the nuances of what coworkers and clients say and do (or don’t). Communication means everything in marketing. Miss the little things, and you’re bound to miss some of the big things as well.

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