Got a new job? Congratulations! Now that you have won the job, it’s time to be the best employee you can be. Whether it’s your first internship or your fifth job, here are six steps everyone should follow to become a rockstar employee.

1: Make a Great First Impression

Whether you are fresh out of college or a seasoned veteran of the industry, the first day is always nerve-wracking! A sure way to take the edge off those first day jitters is by being prepared—and it’s better to be over prepared than underprepared. Get up early, make yourself a nice breakfast, dress nicely (even in a casual office, it’s best to save your jeans for day two, just in case), bring a notebook and any information requested by human resources.

2: Take Notes

A lot of information will be coming your way your first few weeks on the job, so make sure you write it all down in a format you can reference later. Also, make note of any questions that pop into your head during onboarding meetings that you need to ask later.

Pro tip: Avoid laptop note-taking at first so there’s no question that you’re engaged.

3: Be Positive

Every great employee has a positive attitude, even when the going gets tough or they’re feeling lost. Remember to always keep a positive attitude about your work, your coworkers and your employer. You’d be surprised what a difference a smile and saying good morning to your coworkers will make.

4: Get to Know Your Coworkers

Odds are someone will want to take you to lunch during your first few days on the job, so don’t make lunch plans! Always accept lunch invitations when you’re new to the company and make an effort to engage in conversations and get to know your coworkers. Even better, work up the courage to invite your new coworkers to lunch.

5: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

When you're drowning in new information, sometimes you’ve just gotta fake it until you make it… to a point. You’ll probably be able to figure out most things if given some time to think and go over your notes. But, if you’re really stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help! There’s no such thing as a silly question, particularly when you’re new to the job or company.

6: Deliver Awesome Results

In the middle of onboarding and training, you’ll probably receive assignments from your boss. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Remember to slow down, take your time and create an awesome product. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself or you might find yourself battling a bout of imposter syndrome. Remember, you were hired because you proved you were the best candidate for the job. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities, because your employer does!

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