Samantha Smoak, Public Relations Specialist

I don't usually keep up with pop culture, but Kim Kardashian caught my eye recently during her feud with Taylor Swift. LinkedIn blogger Taylor Loren recently wrote an article in response to Kardashian’s release of exclusive video footage on Snapchat of a call between her husband, Kanye West, and Swift, discussing West's controversial single, “Famous.”   

For marketers, gaining an audience on Snapchat is hard, as it requires convincing your followers to manually look you up and follow you. Kardashian executed a flawless social campaign by releasing this footage on Snapchat after teasing the release on her other platforms. Swift, on the other hand, opted to type a statement in her Notes App, took a screenshot and posted it on all platforms, instead of taking the opportunity to build a following on Snapchat herself.

Mary Blair, Account Manager

It’s been an incredibly busy time at Designsensory lately. Other than my 30-minute Bible study in the morning, I have not been able to ready anything except emails, text messages and Basecamp posts.

My recent morning reading time has proven to be more applicable to work than I realized. I read Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Juggling multiple tasks, projects and people is very challenging at times, and doing it excellently is even more so. That verse brings me a sense of peace in the midst of the craziness.

Sarah Loebner, Account Manager

I can be a very intense person and that’s proven to be a blessing and a curse. In a world driven by deadlines, stress can rule the day, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve been reading articles online about reducing anxiety and how to prioritize my time so I have the right kind energy to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Being a full-time working parent brings a slew of tasks. Plus, throw in extended family members and my role as president for our local chapter of AAF and my life has a busyness I didn’t know could exist. I have realized I don’t have it in me to not care, but if I can find a way to care just a little bit less, I can get back more joy in my day that I lose in the blur of busyness.