We may want to go outside and enjoy the last of the summer weather but alas, duty calls. Check out these 10 productivity tips our team uses to stay on track throughout the day.

Where’d all the time go?!

Designsensory uses Harvest to keep track of where we’ve been, and Forecast to see where we’re going. Harvest lets us organize our time and expenses by project, and Forecast gives us a visual representation of our workloads.

Bullet points.

Kristen and I use the Bullet Journal system to stay productive. It’s easy to implement, and your notes and to-dos can be as concise or as detailed as you like, all while keeping things neat and orderly—plus we can channel our creativity with fun, colorful page spreads. There are tons of bullet journalists we follow online to get inspiration.

Block it out.

For Susan, earbuds are the secret to her productivity. We love our open office space—and our coworkers—but it can get pretty noisy sometimes, so earbuds are an essential office supply.

Take a walk.

We’re fortunate enough to be located next to a walking track where you’ll find many DSers making their daily rounds. Likewise, Erin prefers to eat her lunch outside to clear her head. She comes back feeling refreshed and with a new perspective on her work.

Take it digital.

Ian likes to use Trello to keep track of his tasks. The beauty of Trello is it offers desktop and mobile versions, so you can stay on top of it no matter where you are.

Post it.

Post-it® notes are perfect for all those little random reminders for yourself, or for messages you need to leave for your coworkers. I personally take my Post-it noting to the next level—I have a dedicated Post-it note color for each of my clients. My deskmates might call me crazy, but I #ownit.

Stretch it out.

Tuyen and the design team regularly get up and stretch or do yoga at their desks. This helps them combat common “desk job” ailments such as sore backs, stiff necks and even stress. Fun fact: Tuyen demonstrated her desk yoga techniques in this video from our friends at HGTV.

Write it down.

Sarah and Justin always carry a notebook and a pen with them so, if they get stopped on the way to a meeting or when going back to their desks, they won’t forget what someone asked them to do.

Nix the dread.

Sarah also likes to get her most dreaded tasks out of the way as soon as she comes in. This makes her feel accomplished right off the bat and sets a great tone for the rest of the day. 

Fuel up.

Bill Murray Coffee GIF

Team Designsensory combats the morning and mid-afternoon drowsies with a good old cup of joe from the Keurig. And we like to satisfy our afternoon munchies with some fresh popcorn. But, not at the same time, we promise. 

How do you and your team stay productive throughout the day? Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter and share with us!