The modern marketing landscape is filled with ever-changing tools, platforms and trends. Staying on top of it all and making sure you’re utilizing the best tools with the most engaging content is almost a full-time job in itself. As we do our research, brainstorm with our teammates, polish our big ideas and plan out our campaign, we’re always asking ourselves . . . do you have the right marketing mix?

Many times we recommend public relations be in that mix. When done successfully, the long-term benefits of public relations are evident: brand awareness and credibility in the marketplace, an economical way to reach mass audiences and the ability to build loyalty, turning normal customers into staunch advocates of your business or cause.

Commonly referred to as earned media, public relations builds trust, as it’s a sign that media or other third parties are willing to endorse your brand. When our television show Tennessee Uncharted was up for a People’s Choice Telly Award earlier this year, we sprang into action sending out media alerts, e-newsletters and launching a social media campaign to ask people to vote for the show. After two seasons of quality production and engaging public relations work, the show was in an advantageous position: It had garnered brand recognition and a loyal fanbase that was eager to see the show (and the crew) succeed. So when it came time to ask for votes, the support was overwhelming and “Tennessee Uncharted” won the People’s Choice Award.

Public relations can also be incredibly cost-effective. Our efforts in an on-going design and public relations project with Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union paid off when a story on the opening of a new branch in Morristown, Tennessee, landed on the front page of the Knoxville News Sentinel business section (circ. 119k+). Since public relations is often a more economical way to increase brand recognition, we prepared and distributed press releases to journalists in the area. Cost-wise, this action created high exposure at a low cost, rather than advertising the new branch in the paper.

Sometimes you just need public relations to make people aware of your existence. One way to do this is through social media. Having the right mix of fun, engaging, serious and educational content on social media promotes shareability and increases views and engagement. When we were asked by the Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau social media team to come up with a strategy for increasing its visibility on social media, we created a plan that would reflect the brand while serving as a go-to communications channel of choice for all things Augusta.

Almost six months later, the Facebook page alone has seen an increase of 375 percent in organic impressions and an increase of 120 percent in page likes compared to the prior six months.

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