TJ Buckner, Web Developer
For one of our clients, we’ve been working in Laravel, a MVC PHP framework. In order to increase my familiarity with the platform, I’ve been reading and watching a lot of tutorials, including Laracasts. While this website does offer a membership, it also has a lot of free tutorials. If you’re just starting out with the framework, I’ve found the Laravel From Scratch tutorial to be helpful. It has a great overview of the most recent iteration of the framework, and it is actually interesting to read about and watch.

Brittany Cross, Content Developer
Whenever I’m feeling particularly uninspired or dry in my writing, I flip through my copy of “Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This.” The book is loaded with great tips on selling, and has tons of examples of ads that have sold their particular product well. More importantly, it gives the reader a peek inside the mind of a seasoned creative who’s worked in big-name ad agencies for decades. If I still need more inspiration, I’ll check out Gary Larson. At least, if I don’t have any new ideas, I’ll have a good chuckle.

Kevin Jones, Senior Designer
A friend of mine who is an antique dealer recently acquired a collection of old books from an estate sale. Knowing my love for antiques, he passed some of the books on to me. One of the books is a graphic design and layout manual from the 1960s called “Advertising Layout.” I love flipping through its interesting pages and perusing many of the instructions and pieces of advice. The book is out of print, which makes it feel even more special.