Over the last six months, we’ve had a lot of exciting things happen at Designsensory. We’ve produced some wonderful work, added new team members and won some awards. But most importantly, we watched three friends become first-time dads. Joseph welcomed his son Declan into the world in December, and in May Kevin became a daddy to sweet Aurelie and Michael became a father to Iverson.

Becoming a parent certainly changes one’s perspective. We asked some seasoned dads in the office to share their advice on parenting, and here’s what they had to say:

Josh shared, “Embrace every moment. You'll look back and it goes by quickly.”

Stephan says he practices patience and adds, “Remember: They’re just kids.”

Matt H. suggested, “Save your favorite TV shows and movies for late night sessions with your baby; you'll have plenty of time to catch up on stuff while you’re awake at 3AM.”

Congratulations to the new fathers in the office and welcome to the DS family, Declan, Aurelie and Iverson!