Hunter Foster, PR and Social Media Specialist
Recently, I’ve been reading about creating better social media video advertisements. Think with Google published an article recently about the ideal length for video ads. It features a study that tested viewer recall and view-through rates in a 15-second, 30-second and 2-minute video ad from the same brand. In an age with shortening attention spans, we’re inclined to think the shortest video would be best, but the article shows that, “A great story can still grab and hold an audience, even with the skip button ever-present.”

Tuyen Ho, Graphic Designer
As a full-time working mom, I’ve yet to find a healthy balance between being mom and being Tuyen. So for now, my reading list consists of both children’s books and research for my blog. The books currently on rotation are The Day the Crayons Quit, The Onion’s Great Escape, and Now I Am Big!. They are all beautifully designed, so it’s inspiration for me and a visual treat for my daughter. I’ve also been reading some how-to blogging tips on the Minimalists. It’s a helpful website about simplifying life, which is exactly what I need in order achieve that balance I mentioned earlier.

Joseph Nother, Principal, Executive Creative Director, Founder
I have a deep love of books—their feel, smell, typography, cover design and illustrations—which means I often find myself in the middle of five to eight books at any given time.

The last great book I finished was Different. It’s a wonderful rethink of how to come up with original entrepreneurial ideas and business models in a world where most businesses just add features and augmentations to remain competitive. And I’m almost finished with Snoop, a book about what the objects found in our personal spaces say about us. This book has been helpful in thinking about how people use story and narrative to make sense of various parts of their life.

For times when I want to just look and not read, I recently purchased a copy of Victor, a beautifully designed book featuring photographers that use Hasselblad medium-format platform.

From Harvard Business Review, Business Insider to PSFK to Uncrate to ChiefMarTec, I consume a variety of content sites covering a variety of topics. As the dad of a 5-month-old, I’ve been reading a lot of Fatherly lately.