A lot of my time here at Designsensory goes into being creative for our clients, telling their stories and connecting people to their brands. Away from the office, I tend to do the same for myself, constantly thinking of ways to share who I am as a designer and mother. Overwhelmed by a million different project ideas in my head, I decided to start my own personal blog, Designerly.

So far, blogging has helped me organize and document my creative thoughts and projects into one place. A great tool for keeping me mentally focused, it has motivated me to take action on the many “one day I will” projects. I also hope to build an active community with my readers that will inspire creativity for both them and me.

Personal blogging gives me a viable way to share my passion. For this reason and many others, your business can also utilize this powerful tool to build a deeper connection with your clients.

Shares Your Knowledge. Shares Your Passion.
When your company writes a blog, you are allowing your readers to see a different, more personal side of your business, and this opens up a two-way conversation. More importantly, you are allowing readers to learn more about the individuals on your team.

Lets Your Team Contribute.
Employees are often siloed, with little collaboration between coworkers. A company blog provides a space where all can take ownership, adding layers of viewpoints to the voice of the company. Your business is made up of people first—much more than services and products. A blog is an easy way to showcase the vibrancy and success that culminates from the contributions of all the people and elements. Showcasing your appreciable assets from  a skilled team that brings years of experience and knowledge to the table can lead to new work.

Open Up Opportunities.
A company blog creates opportunities for collaborations and partnerships, and it adds pages in SEO to assist in increasing web traffic. Sharing timely and relevant blog posts can enhance your social feeds with rich content. Be strategic about the content you write, and the majority of your posts will be evergreen. Anticipate attracting  people who are interested in working with you on projects that fall outside of your products and services.

Your company is already a contributor to its industry. Begin your blog, and share it with the world.