Erin Slattery, UX Architect
Lately, I’ve been reading Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics in order to better understand all the robust features of Google Analytics and to be more strategic with and track the goals and objectives of our websites. Some of the things I’ve most enjoyed learning about are segmenting audiences, setting up conversion goals and integrating external campaigns. With each of these tools, I can focus on key performance indicators, which allows us to think more strategically about our goals and how we’re going to track our results.

Ian Fitz, Technical Director
Ive been scouring the internet for any and all kinds of articles and personal accounts about following agile methodologies in an agency workplace, especially kanban. Every workplace has its own unique requirements and culture that need to be accounted for, so I’ve been researching how to ease our pain points as much as possible. Read Atlassian’s inspiring guide to agile here.

Susan Sewell, Content Developer, Editor
Recently I read The Road to Character. Author David Brooks contrasts a life lived for a career with one lived for a vocation. Passion and humility make good partners in the creative world. I see coworkers at DS as a blend of both—able to pour themselves into a cause along with the ability to hear and be adaptive to that cause. With every client and project, we ask, What are we called to do? Its inspiring to work where passions burn bright. And, where service is a common practice.