So you’re watching the Super Bowl? Well, you’re not alone. Last year the colossal television event averaged 114.4 million viewers per minute. Whether we’re heading over to the neighbor’s party to see if the Carolina Panthers will clinch their first championship, or just in it for the conversation and the cheese dip, we’re all looking forward to the ads.

Super Bowl ads likely bring back some fond memories, like the vintage Coke-drinking, jersey-tossing Mean Joe Greene or Always’ #LikeAGirl from last year. Picking a favorite? The options feel nearly limitless.

However, one DSer raises a good point: “If I had to pick, there are more than a thousand options over the course of 50 years. But what’s my favorite Super Bowl ad that’s inclusive of people with disabilities? Now the options shrink dramatically—to a handful.”

Our Director of Strategy, Josh Loebner, encourages everyone to increase the #visibilityofdisability in advertising by voting on the USA Today Ad Meter for two Super Bowl ads featuring people with disabilities. Watch the ads and read Josh’s take on his blog, Advertising & Disability.