Tiny Wilson, Arkansas, has a big story to tell, and Designsensory is excited to spread the word. When the Lawrence Group bought this former “company town” in the Arkansas Delta, they saw a unique opportunity to preserve its history and, at the same time, make it a model for growth and community collaboration. With Wilson’s authenticity and its location near Memphis, along the Blues Highway, tourism is a natural fit—and Designsensory is the natural choice to get the news out.

We created an immersive website (already getting lots of media attention) that uses photography, video, personal stories and historic images to bring the town’s past, present and future to life. A beautiful book mirrors the look and feel of the website, drawing the user in to explore the rich landscape, the town’s charm and its changes. Both showcase the innovative and inclusive efforts that mark Wilson’s growth: the Delta School, Wilson Gardens, the Grange, the revitalized Wilson Café, a state-of-the-art museum to house a renowned Native American artifact collection, and various artistic and musical events and resources.

As our staff has visited the town over the last few months, we’ve become involved in planning events, like the Derby Party, designing collateral, and promoting the town’s changes through social media plans and public relations campaigns. We’re looking forward to our continued relationship with Wilson to share the town’s warmth and exciting ideas.