Lindsay Miller, Senior Art Director
Lately, I’ve been researching and reading a lot of product reviews about manual and digital drawing tools. After seeing the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in the Apple store, I was instantly impressed with the control of the drawing capabilities. The ability it gives to the user to shade and the pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil is really impressive. I’ve also looked at some alternatives, including the Surface Pro and the Wacom Cintiq Companion. Here’s a good comparison review of all three.

In the office, we’ve demoed some newer 3-D pen tools, like Kickstarter LIX 3D pen. These wall-mounted paper rollers made by a company in Denmark are great alternatives to dry erase boards for concepting and notes. Pair the studio roller with a Tombow pen, recommended by Sagmeister & Walsh’s Jessica Walsh, and you’re all set!

Matt Montgomery, Senior Designer
As a designer, I’m always looking for new inspiration and trends. Brand New, a website about corporate and brand identity work, takes a look back at its favorite identities of 2015. If you’re looking for a jolt of typographic inspiration, check out this beautiful gallery of custom lettering and original typographic design.

Recently, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the protagonist’s narrative in the book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It’s an intriguing fantasy with dark overtones. The book’s imaginative storytelling has challenged the storytelling I do through design, helping me think outside the box while still engaging my audience.

Josh Vittetoe, Senior Technical Developer
One of my favorite, and quite frankly one of the best, resources for UX research is the Nielsen Norman Group's weekly articles archive. Their articles are always full of research-backed advice, not stubborn opinion.

In particular, this article about creating good user experiences had a number of key takeaways for me personally in my work on the STEM Scouts user portal.