At Designsensory, we’re putting our tourism experience to work on large-scale tourism campaign projects for the Augusta (Georgia) Convention and Visitors Bureau.

After several staff visits and tours, we fell in love with this historic city and its fresh, funky vibe and vibrant arts scene. Our role has expanded beyond the initial contract for a new overall branding campaign to include auditing Augusta’s creative and media strategies, ad planning and management, assisting with digital strategy and web content, and designing the CVB’s annual report.

We’ve conducted stakeholder interviews and audits of strategy, media placements, analytics and brand identity, and used those insights to inform our recommendations. We’ve been researching trends, best practices, platforms, events and opportunities that can lead to better planning. Our review of everything from Google AdWords to partnerships has enabled us to provide better guidance and strategic planning.

As we develop and place ads and write content for Augusta’s website updates, we’re also formulating ideas for 2016’s campaign strategies and concepts. And, as always, the analytics give us deeper knowledge about what works best for an exciting city like Augusta.