Susan Hamilton, Content Developer & Editor
Marketing is storytelling, and storytelling is my lifelong fascination. Put my relatives in a room, and tales pour out faster than sweet tea on a hot day. Always looking for great stories, I was captured by a funny series of tweets from writer Austin Kleon, searching for “an awesome kid on Reading Rainbow.” The “kid” is Robert Vijay Gupta, who did medical research at Harvard and became the youngest member in the history of the L.A. Philharmonic by age 19, and his quest to bring music to the mentally ill and homeless, to veterans with PTSD and patients with Parkinson’s, to prisons, hospitals and skid row. It’s a story, Gupta says, of the power of music to help us “remember our shared common humanity.” And it’s a story about modern storytelling: email, Twitter, newspapers, TED Talks and, ultimately, music that heals, uplifts and transcends words.

Give it a read. Watch Robert Gupta’s TED Talk.


Michael Pryfogle, Technical Director 
With the constant state of change of our preferred web programming language, PHP, it can be difficult to stay on top of best practices and updates that can make your code more manageable as your codebase grows. Whether you’re a beginning programmer or a seasoned veteran wanting quick overviews of new features while you start your morning, is a great starting point to stay up to date with your PHP news.  

Check out "The Developer’s Netflix."


Casey Self, Public Relations & Media Manager
Good public relations practitioners build interesting, long-term narratives that keep your audiences (including journalists) wanting more. Sometimes we use the media to tell this narrative, and sometimes we don’t. This writer lays out why media relations is not so black and white anymore. PR folks have had to get a lot more creative and move beyond the press release. That’s where I think I thrive. That’s what I find most interesting about my work.

Take a peek behind the curtain.