Luckily, we were able to keep our newest intern in one place long enough to work for us. Sam Bendriem, a graphic design student at the University of Tennessee, was born in Paris, France, and has traveled Europe, noting places such as Italy, Greece and Poland among his favorites, although he hasn’t limited his travels to the EU.

During his time at UT, Sam won a design award in a school art show, a EURēCA award for his ethnic diversity project “Accent Knoxville” and designed an issue of Phoenix, the university’s literary and arts magazine—a step toward his goal of working as an editorial designer.

When Sam became a DSer, he not only brought his talent, but his ambition as well, “I really want to push myself to create unexpected and pleasant design pieces, learn as much as I can about the production side of design, like client services, and how to leave a lasting impact with my work.”

But life can’t be all work. When not staring at a laptop screen, Sam’s hobbies include climbing, photography and occasionally staring at the television screen. Some of his favorite shows are “White Collar,” “Suits” and “Les Revenants,” a French program that also connects him to his second language.

As a soon-to-be-graduate, Sam is always looking to the future and has a few ideas about where he would like his career to take him. He’s thinking about possibly returning to Europe to work for “magazines or journals, small design studios, or social justice organizations.” He prefers small- to medium-sized firms that “push the creative edge.”

We hope you feel right at home, Mr. Bendriem.