While we think we have some great project managers at Designsensory, we always look for ways to improve the client experience through better processes and skills.

With that in mind, two of the DS team enrolled in a four-day project management course. Principal and technical director Brandon Rochelle and project manager Kelly Raines took the class at Roane State Community College. 

They studied management of all phases of a project, from establishing the scope of work and developing a comprehensive plan to the final handoff of the work.

The course emphasizes the importance of thinking beyond the initial plan. The planning process identifies the risks—the places things are most likely to go awry—so PMs can create an advance plan for handling problems when they happen.

“Over our company history, I've found the key to a project's success is how well changes in project scope are managed," says Brandon. “The PMP course helped me better define a foundation for adaptive project management to plan for ongoing change effectively.”

Kelly echoes that sentiment. “Every plan, no matter how good it is, will change.”

While the course confirmed the validity of many of our existing processes, Kelly says it opened her eyes to all the things that happen before the project even comes into the building. Knowledge of the planning that takes place during the initiation phase helps PMs better prepare for project kickoffs.

The course also included ideas for more efficient internal processes, such as a work breakdown structure to divide big jobs into smaller segments and a work matrix to clarify team members’ responsibilities on a large project.

Ultimately, the new knowledge helps our clients by adding a layer of efficiency and creating a smoother process. It’s the goal of our PMs to put clients’ minds at ease, knowing that processes are in place to ensure all details of the project are covered.