When Designsensory began working with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency on the concept for a new television show, we wanted to a look at current trends as well as the needs of viewers. With the rise of “reality” entertainment, the digital and mobile explosion, and rise of social and content-sharing networks, it was evident that viewers' needs have evolved.

Tennessee Wildside, TWRA’s previous show, was a variety show in the traditional sense. Behavioral trends showed a rise in outdoor leisure activities versus traditional hook and bullet activities. It was evident that Tennessee Uncharted needed to extend the brand by showcasing what the Tennessee outdoors had to offer through hunting, fishing, and the gamut of recreation, but with the emphasis on outdoors adventure.

We also know there is more competition today when it comes to brand exposure, and engaging video is more important than ever. The new show would engage viewers by making them feel as though they are experiencing the action, with viewers becoming part of the show. What set Tennessee Uncharted apart from Wildside was that the show wasn’t about simply showing . . . but doing. Tennessee Uncharted tells the story through actual hands-on experiences.

In Season 1, the crew edited 16 episodes, running 26:47 in length, filmed in high definition, and they shot endless hours of beautiful video content and interviews. When edited, the additional footage provided snackable videos to be shared through social channels and websites, creating awareness for the show, TWRA, Tennessee tourism, and all involved.

PBS digital channels across Tennessee aired Season 1. In addition to the traditional television broadcast of Tennessee Uncharted, it could also be seen online via www.tnuncharted.com, Tennessee Uncharted YouTube channel, East Tennessee PBS app on smartphones, Apple TV, Roku box, Amazon Fire and Xbox.

As an extension of each episode, the Designsensory public relations team was able to share behind-the-scenes images, vignettes and teasers on Tennessee Uncharted social channels. Providing shareable video and imagery maximized exposure and shares each week. This contributed to the increase in views, ultimately leading to the show’s popularity and success.

In just over four months, the Tennessee Uncharted crew has a strong social media presence and following. To date, Tennessee Uncharted has 242 subscribers and more than 24,600 views on YouTube, 1,884 Facebook fans, 247 Instagram followers and 128 followers on Twitter.

The Tennessee Uncharted crew is well underway with Season 2.  Their work brings more ways to promote Tennessee’s uncharted territories and more creative ways to enjoy those recreational opportunities. 

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