At Designsensory, we believe in the power of richly crafted stories. We’ve been hard at work (and having lots of fun) with our production partner, PopFizz, creating rich media that helps clients promote their brands. We’ve collaborated with PopFizz on photo and video shoots from Anderson County, Tennessee, to Cook Inlet, Alaska. On the ground and in the air, on four-wheelers and oil rigs, we’ve captured amazing images that tell great stories.

PopFizz’s talented photographers and production staff are a perfect accompaniment to our creative crew here at Designsensory. Our philosophy is to create moments of truth—experiences that inspire people to act. As our name implies, we’re about connecting all the senses and integrating across print, digital, video and beyond. Our relationship with PopFizz adds that extra layer of value that helps us offer fully integrated solutions for our clients. Below are some examples of how our partnership with PopFizz has enhanced some of our work.

When one of our clients, PetSafe, wanted an online video and national commercial, along with photography for print ads used in a national campaign, we called in the PopFizz crew. Our team wrote the scripts, found the talent, scouted the locations, and designed the look of the videos and photographs to satisfy the goals of the advertisements. After all the prep work, we partnered with our PopFizz friends to carry out the task of producing images that would fit perfectly with the campaign’s overall look and feel.

For STEM Scouts, a new educational program from the Boy Scouts of America, our collaborative work with PopFizz ran the gamut from scriptwriting to postproduction. Together, we captured still photos of students as they did experiments. We built a Rube Goldberg machine for a television commercial. In keeping with the purpose of the program—to educate youth about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through hands-on learning—we used footage of the cast and crew shot during production for a fun and educational, behind-the-scenes video.

No place is too far to go for great shots, not even Alaska. Earlier this year, Bryan Allen and his PopFizz crew got a bird’s-eye view of beautiful Cook Inlet, shooting breathtaking images of the oil drilling operations of Designsensory client Miller Energy. By working closely with PopFizz, we were able to capture the images we needed, in the way we needed them, to use across several of Miller Energy’s print and electronic pieces.

In Anderson County, PopFizz and Designsensory covered four-wheelers, museums, water sports and wildlife. Web-based video and still photography for Big South Fork Air Park promoted the community’s airstrip and equestrian facilities. Footage shot with our drone helps promote industrial sites across the state for the Tennessee Economic Development Commission. That’s right, we have a drone, and we're not afraid to use it.