When Sugarlands Distilling Company approached liquor stores to sell its products, it recognized the need for marketing materials that would distinguish the distilling company from the competition. And, when Sugarlands made the move to a national distributor, that distributor made the same observation. A conversation followed, centered around a brochure created specifically for liquor store owners.

We were thrilled when the good folks at Sugarlands asked us to develop and design the print piece, going beyond the original scope of work of an integrated branding and marketing campaign


The brochure had a simple, solitary goal: To convince liquor store owners that they needed to carry Sugarlands Distilling Company moonshine because customers were going to be asking for it. The company was receiving inquiries from people across the country who had visited the distillery in Gatlinburg as to where they could buy the moonshine locally. National media outlets were featuring stories about the products. The Sugarlands moonshines were winning international awards. Clearly, there was a lot of buzz about Sugarlands Distilling Company we needed to highlight in the brochure.

The final brochure boasts 20 pages of beautiful photography, personal stories and practical information. Some of the special features include product descriptions with clever recipes, a map of the Eastern U.S., showing where Sugarlands’ fans are, pictures of point of sale displays, awards, packaging and shipping information, and more. It’s everything a liquor store owner could want.

Our work with Sugarlands is a good example of needing to be flexible and responsive to clients’ needs as they arise. Sometimes plans change. We’re always ready to go with the flow. Especially if it’s moonshine.