Unless your business strives to be mundane and introverted, we’d like to think that your brand has something newsworthy to share. It’s safe to say that every day may not bring a front page article, evening news story or online coverage reaching millions. However, utilizing the power of public relations can help connect moments of truth to momentum for your brand.

Simply defined, PR is about creating and growing relationships with people who will help share your messages.

In a recent Fast Company article, “How To Spice Up Your PR When Your Business Isn’t Sexy," Leron Kornreich answers four questions to help guide PR strategy:

1. What TRULY interesting story can you tell?

Your product may be of interest to a narrow audience, but your PR need not be limited to product announcements.

Consider the story you can tell. Sometimes the focus should be on customers: Is your product or service enabling a small business, nonprofit, or large enterprise to succeed in ways that were not possible before?

2. Who are the top influencers in your space?

If your company produces products that are of interest to only a limited niche, seek out that audience.

3. Who cares?

Ask yourself: Who cares about our product or services? Don’t give the cop-out answer of “everybody” because that’s disingenuous. Getting covered in numerous irrelevant publications will not get your business the traction that a smaller number of media hits in highly relevant publications will garner.

4. Are there ways to reach your audience beyond traditional media?

We launched a series of original eBooks that were sent to customers and potential customers alike, and were well received because we made sure they answered questions our audience was curious about.

Public relations—when applied creatively and strategically—can be a low-cost but highly effective aspect of a successful marketing program.

Is your business newsworthy? How are you sharing that news? Talk to our PR team about your ideas and needs.