When asked to create AmpTrader.com—a site that features everything a musician might need to buy or sell guitars and guitar equipment—we were thrilled to take on the job. Not only are several DSers musicians, also the site is one of the few of its kind.

Additionally, while in the process of creating the website, the site’s owner received $10,000 in startup cost reimbursement, office space and complimentary business service by winning the grand prize for Knoxville Chamber’s business plan competition, What’s the Big Idea? Because he was awarded the prize well into the website’s creation, taking home the grand prize made his investment to create the website all the more worthwhile.

AmpTrader is an online guitar-enthusiast community, offering the opportunity for guitar hobbyists and professional musicians alike to buy, sell and trade their guitar equipment. Users can create a profile, list their gear and connect with other musicians. The simple, streamlined profile creator allows prospective sellers to seamlessly upload photos, videos and all the details about their piece of equipment. Potential buyers can sort by equipment type, price, listing date and location of their potential buy.

The website also creates a community for guitar enthusiasts. It allows users to connect with one another and barter an item. It also incorporates social media components to further bolster a connection among users. And, as a nationwide site, guitarists from all over the world can connect with one another

With the brand-new AmpTrader.com, musicians can more easily part with their favorite guitar knowing that it’s going to a good home, and they’ve gained an even better guitar in the process. For more information on AmpTrader, visit AmpTrader.com.