Battlefield Leadership specializes in experiential leadership training. The consulting and training company's customized programs, derived from events and powerful people who shaped the course of history, present the best in character-based leadership and have proven highly effective in catalyzing change for organizations and business leaders. 

From two to four days in length, Battlefield Leadership's training sessions use great military battles as intensive case studies for contemporary business leadership practices. Many programs are conducted on actual battle terrain, and feature lodging and meeting venues as period-authentic as possible. Other programs take place in historical sites, such as the Lincoln Library, or in a classroom. 

Those who've experienced Battlefield Leadership's programs are coming home "energized and eager to apply focused insights." Battlefield Leadership is building more effective leadership, as well as strengthening workgroups and leadership teams. By program's end, participants make personal commitments to change specific aspects of their leadership practice. 

Given the dramatic settings for programs—such as Little Big Horn, Gettysburg or The Bulge—you would expect some pretty spectacular images to appear on Battlefield Leadership's website. Designsensory created a new, fully responsive website for the experiential leadership trainer, with stunning battlefield photography conveying the uniqueness of the brand. Simple, clean aesthetics and branded imagery aligns Battlefield Leadership in a trajectory to grow its business. 

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With a simplified, refreshed website, Battlefield Leadership stands apart from its competitors.