The event and matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup created amazing opportunities and moments for brands to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and to have fun. Individuals and crowds across the globe, even in outer space, were transfixed to the events, games, athletes and advertising.

During events such as the World Cup, companies and organizations often turn their attention inward to focus on their brands’ individual attributes, unique selling propositions or key differentiators. However. there are amazing opportunities—like the World Cup—for us to realize that, instead of being in a vacuum with no concern about current events, pop culture or news, brands can easily tap into moments that millions of people are connecting with in their daily lives, and that lie outside of their typical interaction with many of these brands.

Whether Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or other social networking websites, social media created global content conversations for fans, brands and the athletes during the widely watched World Cup. This infographic reveals some of the impact.

Real-time marketing, which connects brand content to events happening in real-time (Oreo's Daily Twist is a great example), was one of the most powerful tools used by brands during the World Cup. This Adweek article takes readers into the ESPN social media war room for real-time marketing during the most tweeted event in sports history.

Each day presents new opportunities for brands to discover moments of truth. While those moments may not balance a global scale the size of the World Cup,  they still give your messaging entertaining and exciting ways to score with your customers.

What are some ways your brand is connecting right now?