Is your brand taking advantage of the benefits of transmedia storytelling? First, let’s talk about how transmedia storytelling is different from multimedia storytelling.

In multimedia storytelling, brands use the same story (same commercial, same print ad, same creative story) with no extension. Transmedia, on the other hand, isn’t about crafting an ongoing story for all media. It’s about making sure the story connects with the right people, at the right moment.

JWT Intelligence, a group that studies cultural shifts and how they effect marketing strategies, had this to say about transmedia storytelling, “For marketers, this is an evolution of the integrated marketing model: Rather than a consistency across multiple touchpoints, the goal is for different channels to communicate different things (within the overarching strategy), with an emphasis on putting the brand community at the center.”

This video created by Draft FCB shares more about how transmedia can impact your brand.

“Consumers now have much more control over where they will focus their attention, so companies need to craft a compelling customer experience in which all interactions are expressly tailored to a customer’s stage in his or her decision journey,” according to a recent article by McKinsey & Co.

Take a look at this Getty Images infographic that shares the difference between traditional integrated campaigns and transmedia campaigns: