It's a spring awakening of mammoth proportions, when Leadercast, a business leadership development and networking event, is simulcast live to hundreds of locations around the world. Cindy and Ed Seaver, founders of the Legacy Centre for Family Business & Entrepreneurship, plan and dedicate countless hours and resources to annually host the Knoxville area's day-long Leadercast program.

During the 2014 Leadercast, we learned about "Beyond You" leaders, who fearlessly empower current and potential leaders around them. Tenets with backbone were key takeaways, such as Andy Stanley's advice: "The value of a life is measured in terms of how much of it was given away" and "Learn to expand your celebration of generosity and selflessness." The resounding question is and should be, how can I help others?

During a session, it was stated, "As your organizational authority increases, your organizational IQ decreases," meaning, that those with authority exercise wisdom by hiring employees with competencies that lie outside the expertise of those with authority. 

When you attend Leadercast, you might expect to hear legions of business leaders regaling you with success stories. It's quite the contrary. The sessions prove to be an inspiration to attendees. The "I" is left behind, and the "You" is accented. 

Dr. Henry Cloud remarked, "We understand people when they understand that you understand," meaning, having a trustworthy connection with people will build more and more trust. Archbishop Desmond Tutu reminded us of something on which true leaders should reflect: "I am a person because of other persons. We are all in the world together. Being a leader doesn't prove us better. It means we are where we are because of other people, and for other people." Archbishop Tutu mandated that "Good leaders listen and are accountable. They truly lead and know when to retire." 

The overarching theme of Leadercast 2014 was this: Go beyond you. Focus on the needs of others.

The Legacy Centre provides educational programs, professional resources and peer networks for family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Designsensory is a sponsor of The Legacy Centre's Leadercast event.

The excitement is far from over at the end of Leadercast 2014. From the Leadercast stage, Cindy Seaver revealed that The Legacy Centre has launched its signature event for entrepreneurs, EntreVision, and premiered its new logo, created by partnering with Designsensory.

Cindy challenged Leadercast attendees, "We encourage you with a new idea for a business, for-profit or nonprofit! Tell your friends and colleagues. If your idea stands out, you will have the opportunity to connect with some of greater Knoxville's best entrepreneurial minds. We are giving away an awesome awards package to the finalists in what we are calling a "business plan competition with a difference," designed to be practical, useful and life-changing. The event series will culminate with an inspiring evening in the heart of Knoxville on September 6 to spur on love and hope for the future of our city. People from all walks of life—businesses, churches, schools, etc.—are invited to join us. It's a celebration and convergence of minds to launch ideas for a better Knoxville."

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