When Concept Developer Brent Thompson spoke about Sugarlands Distilling Company at the June luncheon for Knoxville American Marketing Association, he detailed the inspiration and authenticity behind the distilling company's name. Borrowed from the Sugarlands mountains-valley region in north-central Great Smoky Mountains, the name was formerly known as "Blockaders' Glory," or "Moonshiners' Paradise."

What would a luncheon about moonshine be without a tasting? Luncheon participants were able to sample all the delectable Shine flavors: Appalachian Apple Pie, Blockader's Blackberry, Butterscotch Gold, Jim Tom Hedrick's Unaged Rye, Old Fashioned Lemonade, Southern Sweet Tea and, of course, Silver Cloud. Recipe cards were available at the tasting table for such scrumptious treats as Shiny Benton's Bacon + Brown Sugar Ice Cream, Summer Moon over the Mountains, Southern Buttermilk Pie with Roasted Strawberries & Apple Pie Moonshine Glaze, and Elderflower + Moonshine Mint Sorbet. 

To give visual heft to a superb presentation, Brent displayed original images of the old Sugarlands region around the large room in the Foundry. Attendees at the Knoxville American Marketing Association (KAMA) luncheon were treated to this wealth of images, procured from Thompson Photo, en route to be showcased in the distillery.

Sugarlands Distilling Company's mantra is a perfect marriage with its delicious products and those nostalgia-evoking images: "One foot firmly planted in the past and the other in these modern times." Touting a cornerstone of the brand, Brent talked about Silver Cloud as "Prohibition-era Tennessee sour mash moonshine, made in the tradition of Southern Appalachia. The whiskey drinker's moonshine, Silver Cloud pays homage to those moonshiners with a distinctly smooth-tasting white whiskey that delivers the perfect punch." Even the name, "Silver Cloud," is a throwback to glimmering stills that shone against the sky, deep within Appalachian forests.

Sugarlands Distilling Company partners with Smoky Mountain Guides to bring full context to its moonshine experience, sending visitors on adventures to the "breathtaking wilderness of the Great Smoky Mountains." And, as firm practitioners of giving back to the community, the distillery is a proud supporter of East Tennessee's WDVX and its pursuit of arts and storytelling. 

Sugarlands Distilling Company officially opened to grand fanfare on March 21 amid music, moonshine and folklore. About the opening, Brent Thompson, director of strategy for Sugarlands Distilling Co., remarked, "The grand opening is truly a celebration of everyone’s sweat equity to make this distillery come to life."

Ideally located on the Parkway in Gatlinburg, Sugarlands Distilling Co. performs the age-old craft of distilling fine Sugarlands Shine, while preserving the cultural heritage and traditions of Southern Appalachia. Situated in a barn-house constructed from the salvaged wood of four East Tennessee barns and houses, Sugarlands Distilling invites visitors to sample the Shine, go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the production, and purchase a variety of moonshine flavors, mountain merchandise and apparel.

Sugarlands encourages visitors to "rest your feet and set a spell" on the relaxed back porch. Hear pickin' by regional musicians and tall tales spun by members of the Smoky Mountains Storytellers Association.

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