When a client asked us if we’d like to join them in flying an airplane, we leaped at the chance. And quite a lot of running, flying and leaping we did as we constructed and flew kites. On a weightier level, we learned quite a bit about what went into the building of the Wright Brothers’ airplane.

Techride, an innovative leadership training company, invited us to join them for a three-day leadership training at the Wright Brothers National Memorial, Museum and Monument, and the First Flight Centennial Pavilion. Matt participated in the training, while Brent and Bryan documented the experience through video and photography.

It's inspiring, walking on the same terrain as Orville and Wilbur. Even more remarkable was visiting an exact replica of the Wright Brothers' plane. One of the things we love about our jobs at DS is taking inspiration we've gathered and using it to drive great brands. What better way to do it than by experiencing a brand firsthand!