Designsensory is excited to welcome three interns this winter. With a variety of skills and interests, Ariana Duncan, Chris Cable and Scott Bubis are a fun and capable addition to the DS mix. Ariana and Chris are part of the business development team, while Scott is working in our marketing strategy group.

Ariana Duncan

After spending a lifetime correcting the spelling and pronunciation of her name, Ariana has given up and will now respond to any random combination of vowels. Originally from Alabama, she moved to Knoxville nine years ago and plans to graduate in December from the University of Tennessee with dual English majors in Rhetoric and Writing and Technical Communications. Ariana joined the team in February, working with our business development team to write new business proposals.

“I'm surprised and pleased by how welcoming everyone has been,” Ariana says. “Interning at a new place can be intimidating, especially when you're just starting out in your field and everyone is so good at what they do. But the DS team has made the transition easy, and I'm lucky because I enjoy what I'm doing. You grow up being warned about the monotonous workplace, so it's great to have an internship with a company that values creativity.”

Ariana volunteered last year with the Blount County Humane Society, where she gained administrative experience and bottle-raised a litter of kittens, an amazing and exhausting experience. If her current career trajectory doesn’t work out, Ariana says she’s willing to become a professional cat herder or go to grad school.

Chris Cable

Chris, from Louisville, TN, recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in English-Technical Communication. He’s happily helping write and put together proposals for the business development team.

“I want to gain as many skills as possible at Designsensory because I have a deep pool of interests, and the company is extremely diverse,” Chris says. “Writing is my passion but I love computer technology and design initiative. I'm surprised by the amount of teamwork that actually goes on. Everyone seems to be in sync at most times.”

Future plans include earning a career that is intellectually stimulating and self-fulfilling. “Though I’m a technical writer, I don’t tie myself to career labels,” he says. “I just want to be happy with what I do; I know I’ll do my best at whatever that is.”

Outside of work, Chris spends time with his girlfriend, friends and family. “I love to run, play the guitar, paint, hike and be spontaneous as much as possible,” he says.

Scott Bubis

Scott is a native Nashvillian in his final semester at the University of Tennessee, where he is pursuing a degree in advertising. While finishing school, Scott joined the Designsensory team in late February to assist in the strategy department.

Scott previously interned for Young & Rubicam in New York as an assistant account executive for the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters account team. During that summer internship, Scott was able to observe how account teams work to keep a happy client. Scott’s first taste of advertising was a summer internship with media giant Mindshare. As an assistant planning intern, Scott learned the basics of how and why traditional and digital media are bought and sold.

“Before, like most people, I viewed advertising as annoying interruptions,” Scott says. “After my internships, I have a completely different outlook. Advertising is essential not just for media but also for our society. It provides revenue for our media outlets, creates competition among markets and generates massive amounts of awareness on the consumer level.”

If not at school or work, one can usually find Scott at the university’s rec center, cooking, enjoying sports, or fantasizing about being a Game of Thrones character.