"Magic" was the word repeated over and over during the three-day commercial shoot for PetSafe’s stoneware fountains, one of the brand’s newest additions to the hydration systems.

Cats and dogs can create unknown variables during photo and video shoots but, with great pet handlers on the set, this became one of many magic components. The animals readily drank from fountains, created best moments with the on-screen talent, and were loving and friendly to DSers and staff during downtime between shots.


More magic occurred behind the scenes when branded content meshed with interviews of PetSafe staff, DSers and, newcomer to the set, veterinarian Tracy Dewhirst.  The collaborative message shared the medical benefits for dogs and cats of free-flowing water and the importance of proper health hydration.

Even the location was magic, since the shoot took place at the amazingly curated and modernist-styled home of interior designer Paula Clancy, owner of "Nouveau Classics":http://nouveauclassics.com/?page_id=2. From her perspective, Paula was able to share her take on the colors and style of PetSafe’s new stoneware fountains.

Designsensory, PopFizz and PetSafe’s team worked long hours and multiple days to collaborate and capture some amazing stills and videos--and the wrap party kept the magic flowing.