We often share stories focusing on creative projects and processes. Equally important is the best practices of project management, from initial meetings to final product delivery. Whatever the business or industry category, project management can lead to confidence and assurance throughout product development, fostering long-term relationships . . . or headaches, at every step.

PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a survey, in 2012, among more than 1,500 business leaders in 38 countries with 97% of respondents in agreement that project management is critical to business performance and organizational success, and 94% agreeing that project management enables business growth. While Designsensory has team members who, specifically, are project managers, every DSer has the ability to lead the process, share in client conversations and collaborate to move projects toward goals.

Basecamp, a web-based project-management instrument developed by 37signals, is one tool we use to facilitate collaboration, dialogue and, ultimately, project success. Basecamp developer Jason Fried, at the launch of the product in 2004, shared that the software platform “strives to provide the tools for a more human form of project management. With Basecamp, it’s not about tons of stats, charts, numbers and graphs—it’s about two-way communication, conversation, simple scheduling and to-do lists, so you don’t forget the little things." We know that projects often contain hundreds or thousands of these little things.

In a recent Harvard Business Review post, “The Dirty Little Secret of Project Management,” blogger Joe Knight remarked, “Your system can be very simple as long as it helps you do the following:

Good communication—whether via Basecamp, email or other online communications platform, a phone call or in-person meeting—and utilizing best practices in project management will, hopefully, lead to the best project delivered and a favorable collaboration.