Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone about a subject that you want to know more about but you couldn’t understand the person or the subject because of the complexity of the long-winded, talking-over-your-head explanation?


Those same challenges can creep into curated content, design and brand conversations across platforms and programs, diminishing the value of websites, videos, print ads and social posts, among other engagement opportunities. Regardless of whether you’re in a B-to-B or the B-to-C sector, people want to connect with other engaging people and brands that are easy to understand, memorable and unique.

With the recent unveiling of of iOS7’s minimalist design aesthetic and the continued growth of microblogs, consider your brand in context to these shifts toward elegantly simple design and conversational content.

Fast Company’s Co.Create reported on a University of California research study “Major Memory In Microblogs.” According to the study, people are one-and-a-half times more likely to remember individual social posts than any other form of written language. The author of the study defines this conversational style as “mind ready” content.

Harvard Business Review blogger and author of Six Pixels of Separation Mitch Joel shared in Marketers Are Not Publishing Enough Content, “Woe the brand that is not creating, publishing and curating relevant content, yet many brands struggle with precisely that. They struggle with everything from its creation to its strategy to its editorial content, and even the best places to publish and share it effectively." Joel concludes, “Through the years, the smartest content marketers have understood not only the pulse of their network, but how to distribute their content in a way that fits the audience.”

Harnessing effective, conversational and elegantly simple creative, design and content techniques is useful in almost any field, with any customer or end user to drive action and build relationships.