The nice folks at Pest-Ops came to Designsensory to help locals rediscover a company that has been in Knoxville for 18 years. There’s nothing funny about pests, but Designsensory put some humor—and some shock factor—into Pest-Ops’ marketing, thanks to one big, scary bug.

A dramatic “Bug Off!” billboard campaign has had Knoxville drivers doing double takes when seeing that big, bad bug climbing the billboard surface and showing off its considerable antennae. The first piece of the “Bug Off!” campaign, designed to catch attention quickly and build brand recognition, won a bronze ADDY award.

The second round of billboards, with a pesky ant and a new call to action, is designed to further cement the Pest-Ops brand in motorists’ minds. Keep an eye out for those big bugs as you motor around West Knoxville!