Partnering with PetSafe to launch the brand’s first national advertising campaign has been a wonderful experience for the Designsensory team. Although we’re digital-centric, we believe that a big idea can expand to any media—and our creative team and collaborative partnerships gave us the chance to do just that with PetSafe’s national ad campaign, touching digital, print and TV. The campaign theme, “Keeping Up With The Joneses,” playfully tells through product comparison vignettes how PetSafe’s innovative pet products create more best moments for people and their pets. Bringing the big idea to life took some time and effort—initial brainstorm meetings, storyboards and sketching ideas, scouting locations, getting props, talent selection, scriptwriting, narrowing down music and sound effects, and making sure the brand message and call to action resonated loud and clear.


 To get everyone on the team excited and to witness the campaign coming to life, we had an amazing “Keeping Up With The Joneses” launch party, hosted by PetSafe’s Senior Brand Manager Robin Rhea, that brought together many of the people involved in the projects. During the party, we had the TVs tuned to the DIY Network, timed so that everyone could watch the commercials live, knowing millions of others across the country were also connecting with the PetSafe brand.


It takes a great team to pull off a really special national campaign. A big shout out goes to our internal team and creative collaborators: Wayne Bowman, copywriter; Matthew Foltz-Grey, storyboard artist; and Scott Saulnier with RIVR Media. Most importantly, thanks to PetSafe and our key client contact Robin Rhea for continuing to trust Designsensory to bring the PetSafe brand and best moments to life.

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