Through the creative we develop for BASI Pilates and the images, videos, conversations and stories the client shares with our team, we’re able to witness the transformations, the higher physical and mental aesthetic the exercises and education can bring.

Everyone here at Designsensory exercises in one way or another—with personal trainers and aerobics instructors, long distance runners, weekend cyclists and the occasional team of disc golfers. We all know the value of ongoing activity and its ability to, over time, better shape us physically and mentally. And, yes, some of us have tried Pilates!

Believe it or not, for all of our clients and, in particular, BASI Pilates, there’s definitely a link between well-rounded exercise routines and website updates. Regimented, ongoing physical activity and the resulting benefits for health and appearance parallel in so many ways website design and content improvements to better engage site visitors on a regular basis.

In this blog post, discover how the same elegance in physical poise and well-being attained through BASI Pilates extends to the refinement of form and function in the brand’s updated home page. With the brand celebrating 25 years of Pilates workouts, education and training, BASI Pilates needed to continue that same practiced, individualized and engaging experience with newly refined elements now found within the home page.

BASI Pilates stands for excellence, high standards, professionalism and hard work. We embrace these standards and are excited with the updated aesthetic.