Early last year, we surveyed our expanding client partnerships, additions of new team members and considered how we could expand and improve the working environment. Blueprints were drawn and, five months ago, construction began on an office plan that would cultivate conversation, foster ideas and build bonds. The new digs include additional write-on walls, brainstorming rooms, an open kitchen, design library and team-oriented work stations. With a full flight of stairs leading to it all, there’s the promise of daily exercise of our legs and minds!


Beyond adding to our office space, we’re adding ideas, with what we hope to be monthly seminars focusing on educating, enlightening and inspiring our staff, clients, students and community. The largest of the upstairs rooms will double as a photo studio and community gathering space.

We’re still putting on final touches but, if you’re in the area, feel free to join us upstairs for a meeting, coffee or conversation.