If you’ve visited our office lately, you’ve heard hammers pounding and seen the construction crew working on Designsensory’s office expansion. As we’ve grown over the past 10 years we’ve relocated twice and continued to expand our workforce–to a whopping 20 people today. Now, I don’t want to be so presumptuous to say that the entire second-story expansion is because of me but, in a small way, I may have been the catalyst for the construction.

When I first came to Designsensory, there was some hesitant conversation about where my workspace could be. We were at capacity among the desks and office space, and there wasn’t any room, except for…the closet. Fortunately, it wasn’t a typical tight, confined space with no light switch, filled with coats and mop buckets. It was similar to our other offices, with the exception of the inevitable office detritus–keyboards, chairs, shelves and the ubiquitous ancient fax machine. After shuffling, stacking and rearranging, the closet became my work environment for a number of months. Some people-moving has since occurred and now, I’ve come out of the closet and am in a–some might say–more respectable corner office.

As the both the Designsensory team and our client base have grown, the ongoing question continued to be: where do we put everyone? Rumors of expansion are now a reality with construction and build-out of second-story office space taking place as you read this. More space to collaborate, create and share conversations are some of the goals of the expansion, along with amenities such as a second dining area, conference spaces, design library, photo studio and a shower for those intrepid enough to cycle or run.

And we hope that the closets drawn in the blueprints will remain just that–closets.