Besides all of the great things I heard from past interns and teachers, I was not sure what to expect when I first came to fulfill my practicum at Designsensory. I was both excited and afraid about working with such highly regarded designers. Having learned so much from my previous internship, I had great expectations.

Of course, my expectations were fully met and more. Even with my first assigned project--which I feel I completely missed the mark on--I had already learned so much. I was challenged with projects for which I did not have a depth of experience, and that pushed me far beyond my level of comfort. One of my favorite aspects of working with Designsensory was the breadth of elements in design that I would have never considered making part of my process. The staff was so friendly, more than willing to lend advice, even if they were engaged in their own projects.

In conclusion, working at Designsensory gave me vital design experience in multiple fields, causing me to realize what kind of work environment I enjoy designing in. I wish I had more internship hours to complete, because I really do hate to go!

Thank you for making my experience so enjoyable!