Haley McCallie, our fall intern from the University of Tennessee (and AAF Big Wig), recaps her journey here at DS:

When I began the process of looking for an internship for this semester, I already knew that Designsensory was at the top of my list. I have been involved with AIGA since I began the graphic design program at UTK; with Joseph Nother and others from Designsensory a part of AIGA, I knew that they shared similar sensibilities (also, after meeting Joseph, I knew his firm would be a fun place to work). However, even with previous interaction, I was still extremely nervous when I came for my interview. Joseph and Lindsay Miller soon put those feelings to rest. They are so laid-back and personable that, after only a few minutes, you feel as if you have been friends with them for years. After a long conversation, I knew that I really wanted the opportunity to intern here, with their relaxed, fun personalities. I sensed it would be easy  to learn from them, and the kind of environment they have created is exactly the kind I hope to permanently work in one day.

When I came to DS, I expected to likely get one big project that I could work on and fine-tune all semester. I hoped for the opportunity to work on branding, websites and/or client relations but, most importantly, learn how a design firm operates and where I will fit in as graphic designer (you know, all that stuff they don't teach you in school). About halfway through my stint at DS, it sunk in that I still have much to learn. There are many things that no one takes the time to teach you in school. After a small and private panic attack, everyone assured me that all new grads start out this way. In our field, we will be constantly inventing, evolving and adapting (if we want to do great work), and this is exactly where I am at this time (even if I wish I were a little closer to the "do great work part").

After almost three months at DS, with my time soon sadly coming to an end, I am happy to report that I now have many projects under my belt--from website rotationals to printed banners to a brand refresh to website design. They have given me the experience of a "real" employee with "real" jobs, while taking the time to supplement my education along the way. Long story short, DS has been everything I expected and more. If that wasn't enough, with their support, I just won two AAF Big Wig Awards (for best intern and graphic design student of the year)! I that doesn't cure my recent battle with senioritis, I don't know what will.

Many thanks to everyone at DS, especially those who have really taken the time to teach me. I hope I've served you well. LONG LIVE DS!


Thanks Haley for your hard work! Interested in a design internship? Contact us to apply.