We're not shy about it. At Designsensory, we're all about parties. We spend many hours together and look forward to championing small victories in each others' lives--birthdays, holidays, baby showers (a relatively recent addition), farewells and weddings.

The same goes with our clients. We work closely together for a period of time and celebrate with them as a project nears completion. This month, we had the pleasure of attending a website preview party for The Legacy Centre for Family Business and Entrepreneurship. The icing on the cake was a preview demo of their soon-to-launch website.

We've worked with Ed and Cindy Seaver over the past few months to create a dynamic website that embodies their vision and offers a rich set of web-based benefits for members. One key feature to the site is an area that gives members access to an expert panel of family-owned business men and women, ready to answer any business-related questions. The Legacy Centre lovingly calls these professionals, "Tennessee's Finest 'Stache' of Quality Experts."

At the party, Cindy took every opportunity to celebrate the newly developed branding for The Legacy Centre, adding sprinkles of "mustachiness" (see photos below).

Like Designsensory, The Legacy Centre knows how to throw a great party! We look forward to the official launch of their site soon.