Here, at Designsensory, visual design is at the forefront of what we do, but our capabilities go well beyond creating what is seen, to where, when and how it will be seen via media planning. 

PetSafe partnered with us to develop a strategy, media plan and media placements for their Stay + Play Wireless Fence campaign. Regionally launched in Birmingham, AL, Nashville, TN, and Richmond, VA, the integrated marketing included print advertising, television commercials, online, social media and public relations. 

Strategy and research are central to media planning before, during and after the campaign. Awareness, attitude and usage studies were conducted, revealing what people knew about PetSafe in each market prior to the advertising. 

Also, before we launched the campaign, separate A/B testing and focus groups were conducted on the print ads and TV commercial. Once the creative was adjusted and approved, we met with the PR and social media teams to make sure there would be a consistent message throughout the campaign. 

Here is a 10-step process to developing a solid media plan:

  1. Learn about the product and campaign goals
  2. Develop creative 
  3. Know the customer
  4. Agree on a budget
  5. Determine markets
  6. Gather media info
  7. Develop media recs
  8. Negotiate rates 
  9. Place media
  10. Monitor campaign and refine tactics

Media planning can often be an intensive process but, if properly executed, well worth the effort for publicity and profits. 

Learn more about our how our media planning, strategy and marketing capabilities integrate and augment the value of our world-class creative, design and technical services.