I am proud to say this blog post title has two meanings. One, we are slowly making headway with all the accumulated junk that made the trip from our old office to the new one. Of late, we had Goodwill pick up several older computers, screens and monitors for recycling. This action has restored some semblance of order to our storage closets, bringing us one small step closer to putting together an open house.

The other meaning, perhaps of great blogging merit, is our sweep of the Addy Awards. Like last year, I am happy to report that all of our 2009-2010 submissions have earned recognition. Again, the question now is what color are we going to walk away with---bronze, silver or glittery gold.

Being a proud American Advertising Federation member, we thought to not only shamelessly plug our success but also the AAF Knoxville event itself. The awards presentation is Saturday, February 20, at the Crowne Plaza in Downtown Knoxville. It is at said proceedings where one finds out the color of victory. Needless to say, the event is a victory for all Knoxville creatives! Congratulations to everyone and check back with our blog for an update of the final results!

Here are our 2009-2010 entries:

Which color (gold, silver, bronze) would you give to each?