As we say hello to a new year we find ourselves saying farewell to a friend and colleague. After several years of service, Sara Lewis has decided to pursue an alternate career path and will be leaving the Designsensory family as a full-time employee this January. As a tribute to her service and time with us we thought we'd simply testify to her awesomeness as we wish her well in the future. 

“It has been excellent to work with Sara - as my very first job in a strange new country, I was especially pleased to discover a work colleague who could be so professional and hard-working, yet still retain a great sense of humor and consistently upbeat attitude. Thanks, Sara! I will be sorry to see you leave the company, and wish you the very best of luck with your new career.”

- Sam

“Sara is fluent in lolcat and was always happy to chat with me in that vernacular when the situation called for it. And the situation called for it often.”

- Alison 

“When I first joined Designsensory, it was Sara who made me feel at home. Lost in a sea of anagrams and protocol, she guided me through and helped me become a healthy, happy DSer. Always a smiling face, she made even the worst client requests seem mere trifles. I'm glad she's only going to be a small jump away.”

- Anne

“In my one month working with you, Sara, I’ve come to respect you immensely as a co-worker and like you very much as a friend.  I will be coming to nab you soon for some shopping, gabbing, cupcakes and ice cream so start saving your pennies!”

- Paula

“Sara's great! She works hard and is fun to be around. We took a detour one day to go up in the sunsphere for a little tourism research. (Then we had to stop by the candy factory for a little taste bud research.) I'll miss her happiness.”

- Lindsay 

“Sara has the unique ability to bring order and organization to the office when there might otherwise be chaos. This unique skill, her happy personality, and her cake-making experiments (of which I was a happy taste tester) will surely be missed.”

- Mark

“What will we do without Sara? She managed both the best and worst of situations with grace and humor. As Isaac Newton said, 'Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.' In other words, Sara.”

- Susan H.

“Sara Lewis...where to start? First, lets change your middle name to Rocks, because that's all you ever did, was 'rock!' You made life so much easier and I am forever going to miss the pleasure of working with you. I do wish you the best of luck in your new adventures and hope nothing but the best for you!! Good bye my friend.”

- Josh

“Tis true . . . where you are concerned . . . ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow.’  Working with you has been a joy! You always come back with answers (good answers!) to issues raised; you are quite unflappable (and, goodness knows, we have surely tried your patience on a daily basis!); and you are most witty & pleasant (great tools in the workplace). So, I say not goodbye, rather ‘a bientot,’ which the French use as an informal farewell, meaning ‘See you later.’ Take care and great success in your new position.”

- Susan S.

“Anytime, we lose a member of the team I am not only reminded of how fleeting time is but also how special a family we have become. I am reminded of how for a period of time our lives become intertwined, and you learn to appreciate the family, friends and colleagues that bring meaning to your short time on Earth. On a daily basis we fight the good fight shoulder to shoulder and it is those experiences that are minted in the history of our lives. 

But with Sara, that loss is deeper. Since her first day, I have been honored and impressed with her devotion to spirit of Designsensory. She is professional yet fun, confident yet humble, diligent yet flexible and she has helped us grow this company with her dedication to service. As time went on she earned our trust, and as we grew larger she became the real face of Designsensory. The time spent with her has made us all better people as she has led the way with her compassion, strength and understanding for the needs of our customers, vendors and other team members. Now in the wake of her departure we must confront the void of her absence and reflect on the lessons she has taught us.

It has been a great privilege to have lived and worked closely with Sara. I am confident we will find a suitable successor but that special spark of positive energy, that ample and generous laughter and unwavering smile will never be fully replaced. Thank you Sara.” 

- Joseph

Sara, you will be sorely missed. Best of luck in the future and remember you will always have friends here at Designsensory.