Great progress has been made on the space since my last post. Here are some pictures that show the progression of various architectural features at about the mid-way point of construction. One of the elements we are excited to see rendered is our entryway ceiling. Above is the framing for the circle feature. Here is the frame drywalled and integrated:


The other element we are all excited to put to good use is our new conference room. Lately, we have not been able to fit our entire team into our conference room let alone larger client teams. Thankfully, that will all change with our new space.

Our new open area has elevated drywall ceilings and great natural light. This will be a huge improvement over our current cave-like collaborative area.


And, of course, your's truly and Brandon will need to find some new furniture to fill our new larger offices. The main reason for the expanded personal office space is so we have a smaller area to hold small team meetings, critiques and scrum sessions. Here is the framing to my office:


That's not to say it has been a walk in the park. It's amazing how easy it is to take the most mundane things for granted until you realize what goes into making it so transparent in everyday lives. Take electrical power for example. Due to scheduling and logistical issues, the majority of the build-out will have been rendered with a generator as on-site power has been absent.

As I write this, we look (and have) to move in 10 days. Fingers-crossed.