As our readers have probably noticed, our blog posts have been far and few between for the past several months. Now, what reason could there be for this travesty? 

Have we run out of things to say or post?  Yeah, right. That'll be the day. 

Have we gotten so lazy, the mere thought of having to type on a keyboard is met with the strongest dose of apathy?  Not so much. I can't think of one person in our office that would fit the bill for this. 

Are we busy enough that finding the time to write is coming at the risk of missing out on the next episodes of "Mad Men"?  There is truth in this but certainly not the real reason.

No, the reason largely rests on one bit of news: after over four years in our current home, Designsensory will be moving into our new digs in October! 

The truth is, we have simply outgrown our space. That, by itself, is great news. What Brandon and I didn't know was how complicated and time-consuming this process would be. 

It started back in early spring when we canvased Knoxville for our potential new home. Doing this during an economic downturn posed both challenges and opportunities, but in the end we found a great space with the right numbers that made it all work. We closed at the end of August, and construction began in earnest the first of September.


Here is the new space in all of its glory—it even came with plant life!


Gravel prepped for the concrete pour.


Look at the shiny, new concrete sub-floor.


The red line indicates a wall and, in this case, shows the new conference room area and Sara and Lindsay's new offices.

Check back for the latest news on our new space. We hope to be settled by the end of October. And, don't worry (because I know you are all worried), we will try harder to post more often between now and then. :)