Well, what can I say? You blink an eye, the year goes by and it's Christmas once again. It used to be that we'd get a little snow, and that would help to make the season feel more like a winter wonderland. Now, what generally signals the approach of the holidays is our frantic search for what has become a Designsensory tradition—our yearly ornament gift to our new client friends. 

Over in design, this is coupled with designing our package label and Christmas card. For the past several years it so happens this honor has been bestowed on the newest designer to join our ranks. I am happy to report that this year's designs come from none other than our Mark Schafer. They continue the festive Designsensory tradition and sparkle with a little of Mark's signature goodness. If you are one of the lucky ones to receive this gift you will see the card and ornament as well.



What makes this tradition even more sweet is seeing the progressive years of ornaments on our Christmas tree. Every year we reserve one of our winning ornaments to put on our tree. I suppose it is our version of tree rings---our way of keeping track of many years in business. It's a sweet realization that makes a season already steeped in symbolism and meaning all the more real. It represents the many blessings we share and the many relationships that make our lives possible. For that, we are most thankful. 

On behalf of everyone at Designsensory, let me wish you a wonderful Christmas season. We look forward to sharing these sentiments with you again in 2009.