"There is no particle of life that does not contain poetry within it." —Gustave Flaubert

Avatar Taylor Walters, Director, Studio Production

Taylor Walters is a three-time Emmy award-winning producer and copywriter.

Taylor began writing as a young girl and continued as a journalist throughout college. After receiving a degree in neuroscience from Vanderbilt University, she decided media was an ideal platform from which to effect positive change on a large scale. She soon began work as a full-time Copywriter and then, after two years, transitioned over to the freelance production world in and around Nashville, TN. 

A few years from exploding on the U.S. cultural scene, Nashville was teeming with production work and Taylor quickly advanced from a Set PA to Production Coordinator to Producer. But, with a heart for cause-based marketing, Taylor relocated to Knoxville, and in 2014, began Showrunning with the Designsensory and Popfizz teams on PBS outdoor travel series, Tennessee Uncharted. 

Since that point, Taylor’s role has grown to oversee all Designsensory productions, including multiple long-form broadcast series, as well as all video, photo, animation and audio efforts. At this point, her production, direction and writing clients include Jack Daniel’s, UPS, Duracell, Vogue, TVA, Biltmore and Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau. Taylor’s deep background in production includes budgeting, contract negotiations, logistical and resource management, scheduling, project management, talent acquisition, development and/or distribution, network relations and licensing.  

Outside of work, Taylor is an exceptionally silly mom, competitive bodybuilder, avid runner and tattoo aficionado.

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